Our Story

Do good, and be happy.
— Robert J. Stone, z'l

The Big Idea

On one hand, the world is here for our own sake. All exists to nourish us, all exists for us to enjoy! 

On the other hand, we are here for the sake of the world: we are here for others, we are here only for a short time, and only here to leave the world better than came into it. 

So we do both.

Ends & The Means:  Production

Not only are we baking the best goodies fit for eating in the free market (our mom's told us so), but we're doing it as a community. We work with organizations to find professional opportunities for people with learning disabilities, specifically Down Syndrome.

We are not only here to produce the edibles of your fantasies - indeed, we do that daily - but we are here to do it for the sake of the production, itself.


100% Yum. From Scratch. For You.

Like I mentioned, our moms and friends think we are just the bees' knees. We didn't want to prevent those of you with allergies or special diets from such amazing international treats as these. 

We won't have complete freedom of allergens, because we have quite a variety in just a small space, but we do go out of our way to make sure that even those with allergies have options.

If you need something specific, we'll make it from scratch. Just let us know. We are always cRc, Pareve and Dairy, by the way.